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Discover the magic of the Amazon rainforest from our hotel in Puerto Maldonado and choose from a variety of exciting tours that will immerse you in the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of the region. One of our highlights is a visit to Lake Sandoval, where you can paddle a traditional canoe and explore this beautiful lake surrounded by lush vegetation, observing alligators, birds and impressive aquatic life.

If you're looking for more intense thrills, our exciting canopy tour will take you high into the jungle, where you'll enjoy jaw-dropping panoramic views as you glide through the treetops. Another unique experience is visiting the macaw clay lick, where you will witness spectacular flocks of these colorful birds as they feed and fly in the region.

To culminate your days of adventure, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable sunset on the Tambopata River. Relax and soak in the natural beauty of the jungle as the sun sets over the calm waters of the river, creating a magical setting to capture memorable moments. At our hotel in Puerto Maldonado, we offer a complete Amazon experience with exceptional tours that will connect you with the wonderful nature of this unique region. We are waiting for you to create unforgettable memories in the Peruvian jungle!

Lake Sandoval

Enjoy a half-day exploration at Lake Sandoval, a destination surrounded by animal life. It’s a beautiful mirror-shaped lake where beautiful species such as the river otter, red howler monkeys, macaws, prehistoric hoatzins, alligators, different species of monkeys, turtles, great variety of bird and butterfly species live.

includes: Breakfast/snack on the lake shore, English/Spanish guide and national reserve entrance tickets.


The Jungle Canopy is an activity that can be undertaken with all family members, especially the smaller ones. After a short boat trip and walk, we will climb up a tower to access the heights and walk through the treetops of the giant Amazon Basin, across hanging bridges suspended in the air at an heigh of approximately 25-30 meters (80-100 feet) This network of towers, bridges and platforms will allow you a distinct perspective to observe birds, as well as to learn about the interaction between flora and fauna at the various levels of the forest and its integration into the rainforest ecosystem.

Colpa of Macaws

An amazing hike to a system of suspension bridges in the middle of the trees where you can enjoy beautiful views that show us the life of the jungle. From the height of the bridges and platforms you can see different species of birds such as toucans, woodpeckers and many more.

Duration: 3 hours

Native Chacra

Learning more about the region includes visiting an organic Chacra in a community of the Lower Mother of God. During the visit you will learn about Amazon organic agroforestry. On the visit you can get to know the tropical plant crops such as bananas, papaya, guaba, cocoa, star fruit, mango, acerola, pineapple, sugar cane, oranges, mandarins, lemons, avocado, Amazonian chili and many more.

Sunset in the Tambopata

The best adventure is to be able to sail along the Tambopata River to contemplate the sunset, on the way we will wait for the best view of the arrival of the night and then, we will return doing a search for nocturnal fauna on the banks of the river where you can see alligators, capybaras and night birds.

Duration: 3 hours

Piranha Fishing

Lake Yacumama is one of the most important Amazon wetlands in the region and is now part of the conservation project that houses more than thousands of parrots and macaws, promoted by the same inhabitants of the Santa Teresa community, who promote ecotourism to self-sustain their project enjoying a fun fishing of piranhas.

Duration: 3 hours


The beauty of the Madre de Dios River is perfect for the kayaking adventure in the company of your family or friends, this experience is unique for lovers of adventure and adrenaline. We accompany your adventure with a safety boat.

Duration: 2 hours

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South America’s Amazon ecosystem is often described as ‘larger than life’ and indeed it comprises the most expansive rainforest in the world.
Peruvian culture is one of the most amazing in the world.
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